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Putting the "POWER" Back In "Power-Pop"! One of Chicago's Finest, Hook-Heavy, Indie Power-Pop Bands!

New Distribution Partnerships!!  

We are very pleased to announce our new CD will be available through two stalwart Power Pop Distribution outlets: KOOL KAT MUSIC and JAM RECORDS!! Thanks to Ray at Kool Kat and Jeremy at Jam Records!

MORE RADIO ADDS of "I'm Not Through"!! 

More EPIC Radio Adds!! Thanks to Woody (Canada), Sheppy (UK), KMNR (Mo), Camglen (UK), KTEP (Texas), Bounce (DC), Lucky Star (Co), WMPG (Me), Full Impact (Ohio) and Gabbie Cabbi @Biscuit_Boys (UK) for adding "I'm Not Through" to your playlists!!! Thanks too to Radio Candy and Marc Platt! 

TSH Added to Killer Japanese Radio Show!! 

HUGE Thanks to Mike "In Tokyo" Rogers at WTF? ("What The Funday?") in Japan for adding Thrift Store Halo's "I'm Not Through" to the big broadcast!!  “WTF?” (WhatTheFunday) is a hugely popular Sunday live show on InterFM 89.7. The show reaches literally millions of listeners. Sorry! Internet streaming of the show is blocked outside of Japan.


MORE RADIO ADDS of "I'm Not Through"  

Awesome!! Thanks to CamFM (UK), Radio Ara (Lux), All FM (UK), Castledown (UK), Live Wire (UK), KCC (UK), Gashouse (Philly), MDOR (S. Carolina), and KIXE (Omaha), WORT (Wis), Radio Wey (UK), and Future (UK) for adding "I'm Not Through" to their playlists! 

TSH on Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More Show!  

Thank you Wayne L. Ford for playing "Let's Not Wait" off our new "POP-ROCKET" EP on this week's Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More Show - Tuesday at 10 am PST, 12 Noon CST, 1pm Eastern, 6pm GMT and 7pm CET and other times in other places! popthatgoescrunch.com



What a great way to cap off the week of our new release, "POP-ROCKET"! Tremendous radio adds and indie radio chart placements on Radio Indie Alliance TOP 10 (Woodyradio (CAN)) and IT Matters Radio (Cali)! Thanks to everyone involved! We have a great support network and amazing people on the team!

MORE RADIO ADDS of "I'm Not Through"  

Amazing!! BIG Thanks to EDA (UK), NOVA (UK), OBAN FM (Scotland), New Vision Radio (NY), Monie (UK),KZUU (Mo), Q108 (Kingston/CAN), AMI (Fl), It Matters (CA) AND Sully Mc Fly at 365 Radio Network (15 stations) for adding Thrift Store Halo "I'm Not Through" off of our new "POP ROCKET" EP!!

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