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Putting the "POWER" Back In "Power-Pop"! One of Chicago's Finest, Hook-Heavy, Indie Power-Pop Bands!


It's not everyday that a band sees its name on such an epic playlist among some its musical heroes such as Teenage Fanclub, Off Broadway, Green Day and Butch Walker to name a very few! But, to see THREE of your songs being included?! AMAZING!! Beyond flattered! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Boris Boden and his Secret Weapon radio show at Woodyradio.com for playing "IF I GO", "PUT ME DOWN" and "Can't Understand" from our World Gone Mad LP. 

Bass Tracking Complete! 

Frank has wrapped up tracking bass parts for each of the six songs on the new EP! Kevin Mucha is at the helm of recording at Coerce Recording and Lance will begin tracking guitars soon!

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