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Putting the "POWER" Back In "Power-Pop"! One of Chicago's Finest, Hook-Heavy, Indie Power-Pop Bands!

Another Mini Milestone! 

Another Mini Milestone: TSH has reached its highest number of "monthly listeners" on Spotify to date...542 (apparently we are "huge" South of the Border)! If you haven't checked out our album World Gone Mad, you should! If you have the Spotify, be sure to follow us! (Yes, yes, we are still milking it...but the wait for new material is nearing an end.)


Unfortunately, due to health reasons, guitarist Brent Seatter is no longer a member of TSH. Scott and Frank wish Brent a full recovery and all the best, but are determined to carry on.  Auditions are currently taking place and Scott and Frank look forward to making an announcement soon regarding the band's new guitarist. 

Upcoming Concert Cancelled!  

UPDATE!! Unfortunately, TSH's Scheduled November 10th Performance at Ballydoyle, Downers Grove, has been cancelled due to changes within the band's lineup. The show will be rescheduled. Check back for more information. 

TSH on 88.7 FM WLUW Chicago! 

A very heartfelt "Thank You!" to Di and all at The Razor and Die Show on 88.7 FM, WLUW in Chicago for featuring Thrift Store Halo's "If I Go" this afternoon! We appreciate the support!!


Thrift Store Halo will return to Ballydoyle Irish Pub and Restaurant in Downers Grove, Illinois, on Thursday, November 10, 2016, at 8:00!! No opening act. No cover charge. Merchandise! Swag! New Songs! "Hits" and "Misses" from the band's World Gone Mad LP and First EP. Choice covers! 

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