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TSH on Secret Weapon 7.21.17!  

TSH again sends a HUGE "Thank You!" to Boris Boden for his tireless support of great music and for playing Thrift Store Halo frequently on his "Secret Weapon" radio show on Woodyradio.com. 

The 7.21.17 marathon, monster playlist includes 2 NEW TSH songs: "I'm Not Through" and "Get Over You" off the forthcoming "POP-ROCKET" EP and "World Gone Mad" title track from TSH's debut LP!

The 7.17.17 Marathon playlist included 3 TSH songs: "I'm Not Through" and "(Love By) Misadventure" off the forthcoming "POP-ROCKET" EP and "If I Go" off TSH's debut LP, "World Gone Mad". Boris was the first play our new songs on his 7.15.17 show. Thank you again, Boris!! 


TSH Track Selected For Killer Power Pop Compilation!!!  

Thrift Store Halo is beyond excited to have been selected to appear on the forthcoming "Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More" Compilation, "Rocking Road" which will be digitally released on 7.28.17!!! Our new song "I'm Not Through" will appear amongst the finest new Power-Pop and more!



A Huge "Thank You" to Boris Boden for playing several of the new TSH tracks during his "Secret Weapon" marathons on Woodyradio.com! Boris has been playing "I'm Not Through", "(Love By) Misadventure", "Get Over You", "Let's Not Wait" AND "Save Me From Myself" from our forthcoming EP, "POP-ROCKET" in regular rotation -- as well as several tracks from our "WORLD GONE MAD" LP! YOU ROCK, Boris!! 

Missed the broadcast of the new songs? Well, you can preview them HERE, under the Music tab!!! 


TSH Announces Publishing Agreement 

We are happy to announce TSH has reaffirmed & renewed its relationship with Pravda Music Publishing, and its affiliates Pennybark Music (ASCAP) and Samovar Groovathon Music (BMI), which will handle licensing of the six tracks on the new "POP-ROCKET" EP! 


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Thrift Store Halo live in Bartlett w/ Cliff Johnson and the Raine!

Bannermans, 858 S IL Route 59, Bartlett, Illinois 60103

Thrift Store Halo returns to the stage at Bannermans in Bartlett, Illinois, in support of Cliff Johnson (the voice of the incomparable Power-Pop band, and Atlantic Records recording artist, Off Broadway) & the Raine!! TSH will perform one 90-minute set commencing at 9:30 P.M. on Saturday, September 17th!

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