So thrilled to be included on the Sunday, September 3rd, 2017, broadcast of the Mega-Popular "What-The-Funday" on InterFM 89.7 in Tokyo, Japan, a show listened to by literally millions of listeners! Thanks to DJ, Mike In Tokyo Rogers, and everyone else at WTF?! 

Song "World Gone Mad" Charts for the First Time!  

Excited to share that "I'm Not Through" has charted again, this time at #10 on the IT Matters Radio Network Charts (California) and, for the first time, the title track off our debut LP, "World Gone Mad" (released in 1998) has charted, reaching #10 on the Woodyradio.com Charts for the week of September 4th!! Thank you to IT Matters, and DJ Gidget at Woodyradio.com! 



TSH is hanging tough in the indie radio charts for the week of Sept.4th! "I'm Not Through" is #2 on Radio Candy (US) AND "(Love By) Misadventure" is now in the charts too!! #2 on Somer Valley 97.5 FM; The MikeCast (UK), #3 on KOR Radio (UK) and #3 RadioVGR (UK)!! Thanks to all for the plays and support!

TSH on Secret Weapon!  

We continue to get very strong support from "Secret Weapon" on Woodyradio.com!! Thank you, Boris Boden, for featuring several TSH tracks (10 plays this week alone), including: "Stay Away", "Get Over You", "I'm Not Through", "World Gone Mad", "Crashing In", "If I Go", "(Love By) Misadventure" and "Save Me From Myself" in you marathon playlists! 

MORE INDIE CHART SUCCESS for Week of 8.28.17!!  

In addition to being #1 on the Overall Top 40, Thrift Store Halo's "I'm Not Through" is #6 on Radio Indie Alliance Top 15 (Woodyradio - Canada; Week of August 28, 2017); while our song "Stay Away" is #7 on Radio Indie Alliance Top 15 (Secret Weapon; Week of August 28, 2017)


NOW, THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Thrift Store Halo begins the week of August 28th - the 3rd Week of "POP-ROCKET"'s Orbit at #1 on the Radio Alliance Overall Top 40!!!! Amazing! So grateful to everyone at all the radio stations that comprise the alliance for adding and playing "I'm Not Through"!



Major thanks to Marc Platt, a true Promo Guru for an amazingly successful initial radio promotion campaign!! A great addition to the team! We look forward to working with him again soon. Check out this EPIC RADIO SUPPORT!!


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