Thank You from Thrift Store Halo!

We want to thank Phil Cullen​ and the excellent staff at Ballydoyle Irish Pub & Restaurant-Downers Grove​ for hosting us, and the awesome, David Kelly​ for the excellent sound, and most of all, the wonderful folks who came out to our Record Release Show last night! There are many to thank, including, but not limited to, Brenda Gradishar​, Kim Lauten Ruskusky​, Chris Straka​, Krissie Kegaly Boecker​, Jon Raleigh​ Kc Cunningham​, Kevin Cunningham, Kevin Mucha​, Eric Veldt​, Bill Urban​, Mary Oziemkowski​ and Tom (and fam), John Proce​, Joe Pavone, Tommy Campbell, Brian Gandy, Grady, Delaney Miller​, Jason Gryniewicz​, Laura Miller​, Madison Miller, Andrew Miller, Charlotte Hall​, Richard Hall​, Dr. Victoria, Jeff, and B, Barb and Norb Cichon, Claire Proce​ and her neighbors, Carol and Michelle, Mike Bingen​ick Proce, Allison Proce and Larissa Proce, Guy Tawzer, and of course Samantha James​ and her big crew! You made it a great night and we truly appreciate the support!