"If I Go" Surpasses 50,000 Spotify Plays!

Greetings! We’ve had little to post about in the last, oh, 15+ months, but we’re here to share a bit of a milestone…our track "If I Go" off our LP, World Gone Mad (which would have been a really fitting…



It's Springtime in Chicago. Vaccines are getting in arms. Trump is a nagging, far too recent memory...The world is on the mend. 

It should follow therefore, that TSH would finally get back to it. But, while songs continue to…

"IF I GO" Surpasses 45,000 Spotify Plays!!

NICE!!! Our track "If I Go" (featured on the TV shows Smallville and the "Pensacola Wings of Gold" thanks to our friends at Pravda Records) off our World Gone Mad LP has surpassed 45,200 plays on Spotify! Not quite the…



HELLO from TSH HQ! Needless to say, 2020 has, thus far, been a total shit show on many levels. While a ton of new songs have been written, TSH has remained on pause.

We look forward to starting up

Happy New Year!

Happy 2020! We're enjoying an extended hiatus over the holidays, but wanted to thank everyone for all the support in 2019. Special year-end thanks to Boris Boden for placing our "Consolation Prize Fighter" EP at No. 27 in the Secret…

"Once" Continues to Chart!

Massive thanks to Woody Radio (CAN) DJs, DJ Gidget and Boris Boden for continuing to play "Once" on their shows every week!! 

"Once" Hangs on in the Radio Indie Alliance Top 40!

"Once" hangs on for a second week in the Radio Indie Alliance Top 40 after re-entering the chart last week, bringing the total Top 40 placements for the song to 7! Massive thanks to DJ Boris Boden and DJ Gidget