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High-Resolution Group Photograph:

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Short-Form Biography:

Thrift Store Halo (“TSH”) is an American Indie Power Pop band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Despite having formed back in mid-1990s, TSH now returns after a near-20-year layoff with a new, six-song EP, “POP-ROCKET” which sounds remarkably fresh; like a new band hell-bent on putting the "POWER" back in "Power-Pop", consistent with their Midwestern Power Pop roots.

Richard Rossi of POWER POP NEWS reviewed the new "POP-ROCKET" EP and said: "Catchy tunes that fit well within the classic power pop template used by bands such as Cheap Trick, Fountains of Wayne and early Tom Petty. “I’m Not Through” is first rate guitar pop with it’s shout aloud chorus and memorable melody. It’s easy to like the bouncy “Let’s Not Wait” and “Save Me From Myself” has the catchy chorus and crunchy guitars that place it head and shoulders above the others. While it’s only one of several quite enjoyable songs on Pop Rocket, it’s the standout single for me."

"POP-ROCKET" officially launched on 8.15.17 and is released on the band’s own Hi-Beam Records label, in association with Pravda Records (distribution)/Music Publishing (licensing/placement) in Chicago, with additional distribution by Kool Kat Musik. Several songs are already in rotation on several outlets in the US and UK, having been featured regularly on Woodyradio ("Secret Weapon" in Canada), KOR Radio (UK), Belter Radio (UK), SHMU 99.8 FM (Scotland), 88.7 FM ("Razor & Die Show", in Chicago), “Simon’s Big New Thursday Thing” (6 Towns Radio, UK), The Music Authority (US), Radio Candy Hits Radio (US), Pop That Goes Crunch (US), WBOM (Rockford, IL), Chasing The Essential (US) and The Power Pop Show! "I'm Not Through" has made Radio Indie Alliance Top 10 in US and UK and Top 40 Overall. "I'm Not Through" was also featured on Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More's "Rocking Road" Compilation (released 7.28.17) and "Save Me From Myself" prominently kicked off Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More's 200th Show on 7.25.17. A podcast showcase of the band was broadcast on Rick's Records Podcast on 8.17.17. Favorable reviews are in from Power Pop News and review and an in-depth interview has been featured in the Startip Webzine (Japan).  The band's "World Gone Mad" LP (released in 1998 and featured on multiple TV shows including, "Party of Five", "Smallville" and various MTV programs) has amassed over 68,000 plays on Spotify.


Accomplishments & Accolades:


Our songs have been played over 76,000 times, by 600 average monthly listeners on Spotify. Songs from the new EP have already surpassed 20,000 plays!  



- 30 total entries on the Radio Indie Alliance Overall Top 40!

- 229 total indie chart entries!

- New Track "Concrete Sky" has charted 15 times to date on various indie radio charts, including four consecutive weeks on the Radio Indie Alliance Overall top 40, reaching #1 on 4.9.18, and reaching #1 on two indie radio charts (Monie's New Music Top 10 (UK) on 3.23.18 and IT Matters Radio (California) 4.9.18).

- New Track "Every Time With You" has charted 9 times to date on various indie radio charts, reaching #1 on the KOR Radio Top 10 (UK) on 4.16.18.

- New Track "Every Time With You" chosen for inclusion on the 2018 International Pop Overthrow CD Compilation

“Stay Away” included on the “POP GEEK HEAVEN - Best of 2017 CD Compilation” 

- “POP-ROCKET” EP named #4 in David Bash's Top EPs of 2017!

- “Let's Not Wait” named a Top Track of 2017 by Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More!

- “I’m Not Through” was #3 in Monie's New Music (UK) 2017 Year End Top 15!

- “I’m Not Through” was one of the 30 Top Tracks of 2017 by the Biscuit Boys on SRB Radio (UK)!

- “I’m Not Through” was  #2 on Top 10 Indie Artists of 2017 on RBR Classic Rock Radio Indie in New Zealand!

“Get Over You” included in the “Stuff 2017 was made of” best-of list by Chasing the Essential! “Pop-Rocket” named one of five “Essential EPs of 2017” by Chasing the Essential!

- "POP-ROCKET" named Album of the Week on “Pop Dreams” ~ Radio Dio ~ St. Etienne, France!

Our songs, including “I’m Not Through”, “(Love By) Misadventure”, “Get Over You”, “Stay Away”; “Save Me From Myself”, “World Gone Mad”, have received amazing radio airplay on over 70 FM and internet-based indie radio stations around the world, including: Japan, Sweden, England, Scotland, France, Spain, New Zealand, Canada & The US! Favorable reviews in: “Power of Pop”; “Broken Hearted Toy”; “Power Pop News”; “Pop Rock Records” and articles in "Startrip Magazine” (Japan)! Our song "I'm Not Through" featured on Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More "Rocking Road" compilation! 


- "I'm Not Through" and "(Love Bt)Misadventure" have been added to a slew of radio stations and programs all over the US and the World: Banks Radio AustraliaAU (Au), VALLEY FM 89.5 (Au), Military Veterans Radio (UK), Radio VGR (UK), EN5 RADIO (UK), Monie's Indie MUSIC Promotions's New Music (UK), EDA (UK), NOVA (UK), OBAN FM (Scotland), New Vision Radio (NY), KZUU (Mo), Q108 (Kingston/CAN), AMI (Fl), It Matters (CA), Sully Mc Fly at 365 Radio Network (15 stations), Belter (UK), Aggie (Tex), FONR (Iowa), Rockers Dive (USA), Wolfman (UK), TABC (Tex), Dandelion (UK), Merseyland (UK), KCC Live (UK), Castledown (UK), Live Wire (UK), KCC (UK), Gashouse (Philly), MDOR (S. Carolina), KIXE (Omaha), WORT (Wis), Radio Wey (UK), and Future (UK)! Woody (Canada), Sheppy (UK), KMNR (Mo), Camglen (UK), KTEP (Texas), Bounce (DC), Lucky Star (Co), WMPG (Me), Full Impact (Ohio), Gabbie Cabbi @Biscuit_Boys (UK), Cuilin (UK), Rock Radio (Ireland), FM4 (Germany), Top Rock (USA), KB Radio (Canada) Music Authority (USA) WITR (NY), Fame (South Africa) ACRN (Fargo)!  

- "I'm Not Through" is receiving strong plays on The Biscuit Boys Show on SRB Radio (UK) and has been added to the September playlist! 

- "I'm Not Through" off "POP-ROCKET" EP made rotation on KOR Radio, Pop that Goes Crunch, and other indie stations!   

- "I'm Not Through" featured on The Power Pop Show (8.4.11, 8.11.17, and 8.18.17)! 

- "I'm Not Through"  featured on the Chasing the Essential Radio show (featured on Episodes #96 and #97)!  

"Get Over You""I'm Not Through" and "Stay Away" have been featured on The Music Authority!  

 - "Save Me From Myself" featured on Ice Cream Man Power Pop Show  (200th Show) broadcast in several countries!   

-  "Let's Not Wait" featured on Ice Cream Man Power Pop Show (8.22.17) broadcast in several countries!  

- TSH is now in regular rotation on WBOM (Rockford, IL)  

- "Stay Away", "Get Over You", "I'm Not Through", "(Love By) Misadventure", "Save Me From Myself" and "Let's Not Wait" have been featured in regular rotation on "The Secret Weapon" show on!  

- TSH was the subject of an hour-long artist spotlight on Rick’s Record Podcast on 8.17.17!  

- "(Love By) Misadventure" has also been featured on the “Razor & Die Show” (WLUW, Chicago) on August 5, 2017 and September 1, 2017.  

"(Love By) Misadventure" is on daily rotation on several 365 Radio affiliates! 

- TSH has been featured on the Breakfast Show on SHMU (Aberdeen, Scotland)  

- "Get Over You" was featured "Simon's Big New Thursday Thing" on 6 Towns Radio in the UK!   

- "I'm Not Through" featured on Ice Cream Man Power Pop Show's Best of 2017 Compilation entitled "Rocking Radio" , which was released digitally on 7.28.17! 

- Mike "In Tokyo" Rogers in Japan featured "I'm Not Through" on his “WTF?” (WhatTheFunday), a hugely popular Sunday live show on  InterFM 89.7. The show reaches literally millions  of listeners.


TSH "World Gone Mad" Songs featured on TV shows:

Album tracks have been featured on "Party of Five", "Smallville", "Pensacola Wings of Gold", MTV programs "Parental Control", "Undressed", and "Making the Video (R.E.M.)" as well as programs on the the Oxygen Network. 


TSH "World Gone Mad" Songs featured on Radio:

Chicago radio stations including WXRT (93.1) and WKQX (Q101.1), national college radio and international radio (the record was even "Album of the Week" in Saint Etienne, France on Radio Dio 89.5). On internet radio, featured on "Pop That Goes Crunch", Chicago's "CHIRP Radio" and "Razor & Die" broadcasts, France's "Pop Dreams", Florida's "Rick's records Podcast" and Canada's "" by DJ Boris Boden to name just a few! 

TSH Has Opened For International Acts:

- The Zombies
- Eric Burdon and The Animals

"POP-ROCKET" Press Quotes:

"Pop Rocket sure lives up to its name as it punches through the wishy-washy brain-numbingly wall of most new pop and rock music to deliver a crystal clear sound and vision of power, melody, energy and rhythm. Sure, it’s classicist in nature and references to classic rock pervades – Cheap Trick, The Stones et al – but in this age of ham-fisted attempts at connecting with millennial audiences, it’s reassuring to find songs like “Get Over You”, “I’m Not Through” and “Let’s Not Wait”, which never pander and simply aim for the best that Power Pop Rock N Roll can be." ~ Kevin Matthews of Power of Pop

"Catchy tunes that fit well within the classic power pop template used by bands such as Cheap Trick, Fountains of Wayne and early Tom Petty. “I’m Not Through” is first rate guitar pop with it’s shout aloud chorus and memorable melody. It’s easy to like the bouncy “Let’s Not Wait” and “Save Me From Myself” has the catchy chorus and crunchy guitars that place it head and shoulders above the others. While it’s only one of several quite enjoyable songs on Pop Rocket, it’s the standout single for me." ~ Richard Rossi of POWER POP NEWS  

"..the new album is a bit leaner, reminding me a bit of IKE in their prime. Stand our tracks: "Get Over You" and "I'm Not Through". Dennis Pilon at


"WORLD GONE MAD" Press Quotes:

"Short, catchy rock 'N Roll in the spirit of Gin Blossoms and The Smithereens." ~ Chicago Tribune 

"This is Classic Chicago Pop Music! A little Pezband, a little Off Broadway, and even a little Cheap Trick!" ~ Richard Milne, 93.1 WXRT Chicago  

"Beatlesque vocals and hooks aplenty" ~ Amplifier Magazine 

"A must for power pop fans...Great Fucking Pop Band!" - Yeah Yeah Yeah Magazine 

"...a gem of an album...reminds me of the high-water marks of pop geniuses Cheap Trick and The Outfield, rocking, danceable and melodic" ~ Mike O'Cull, In the Mix Chicago  

"...Unabashed, vulnerable, three-chord melodic rock in the vein of The Raspberries or early Cheap Trick." - Illinois Entertainer  

"Gutsy guitar oriented material that continually holds the listeners attention." - Twist and Shake 

"Wicked harmonies, reach-out-and-grab you lyrics, thunderous drums and power pop guitars!" ~ Showcase Chicago, Magazine  

"Fantastic Chicago Pop! Blending the best parts of Cheap Trick, Material Issue with the sounds of the Gin Blossoms and Teenage Fanclub!" ~ Gerard Girard, Host "Pop Dreams" Radio Program, Radio Dio, Saint Etienne, France 

"World Gone a tasteful collection of power pop gems! (3.5/4 Stars)" ~ Northwest Herald 

For Booking & Press Contact:

Frank Gradishar
Phone: 630.880.4929

Please message for mailing address. 

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Label, Publisher Affiliation, Music Rights Membership:

Frank Gradishar and Scott Proce are BMI affiliates and Lance Tawzer is an ASCAP affiliate. The band releases its albums on its own Hi-Beam Records label, in association with Pravda Records and Pravda Music Publishing and its subsidiaries, Samovar Groovathon Music (BMI) and Pennybark Music (ASCAP).

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