Behind the Music...

THRIFT STORE HALO is/has been:

 - Frank Gradishar (Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar & Songwriting)
 - Scott Proce (Drums)
 - Lance Tee (Guitar, Backing Vocals & Songwriting; 2016-2021)
 - Brent Seater (Guitar; 1994-2016; 2021)  

Thrift Store Halo (“TSH”) is an American Indie Power Pop band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Originally formed in 1994, TSH released one EP and one LP before taking a near-20 year break in 1998; the band returned in August, 2017, with a new, six-song EP, “POP-ROCKET”. The band's songs have charted over 281 times on various indie charts, including 33 Weeks on the Radio Indie Alliance Overall Top 40 and have been played on 75+ radio stations around the world.

On April 20, 2018, the trio released a new, two-song, double A-side single, "Every Time With You" b/w "Concrete Sky". The single immediately gained impressive radio plays on over 75 FM/internet radio stations around the world and quickly entered indie radio charts. "Concrete Sky" entered the Radio Indie Alliance Overall Top 40 at #20 on March 26, 2018, soon after reaching #1 on April 9, 2018. On April 23, 2018, it regained ground, and landed at #2

Reviews of the single have been very favorable:

Richard Rossi of Power Pop News said: “Thrift Store Halo has a new single coming out and while we’re not in the habit of reviewing singles, this one warrants an exception. From the muscular guitar in the beginning of “Concrete Sky” to the Graham Parker like delivery, I found the new one from Thrift Store Halo to be totally engaging. The flip side, “Every Time With You” is different from the former but is equally engaging. Become familiar with Thrift Store Halo if you aren’t already. The new single comes out April 20.”


Kevin Matthews of Power of Pop said: New music from Thrift store Halo! Check out the new singles “Every Time With You” and “Concrete Sky”! The former has a strong Elvis Costello meets The Who vibe while the latter has a midtempo 90s Pop Underground agenda that conjures a slew of the right sounds. An insistently melodic chorus is the reward!”


Power Popaholic said: It’s classic Power Pop calling to mind Elvis Costello, Paul Weller and Nick Lowe


Terrence Flamm of Broken Hearted Toy/Illinois Entertainer said, Thrift Store Halo recently returned from hiatus with a new album filled with radio-friendly alt rock songs. It’s a different approach from the power pop of their earliest efforts, but fans of catchy tunes with harmony vocals will be onboard.”


"POP-ROCKET" officially launched on 8.15.17 on the band’s own Hi-Beam Records label, in association with Pravda Records & Pravda Music Publishing in Chicago.


Richard Rossi of POWER POP NEWS reviewed the "POP-ROCKET" EP and said: "Catchy tunes that fit well within the classic power pop template used by bands such as Cheap Trick, Fountains of Wayne and early Tom Petty. “I’m Not Through” is first rate guitar pop with it’s shout aloud chorus and memorable melody. It’s easy to like the bouncy “Let’s Not Wait” and “Save Me From Myself” has the catchy chorus and crunchy guitars that place it head and shoulders above the others. While it’s only one of several quite enjoyable songs on Pop Rocket, it’s the standout single for me."

TSH songs have been featured regularly on Woodyradio ("Secret Weapon" in Canada), KOR Radio (UK), Belter Radio (UK), SHMU 99.8 FM (Scotland), 88.7 FM ("Razor & Die Show", in Chicago), “Simon’s Big New Thursday Thing” (6 Towns Radio, UK), The Music Authority (US), Radio Candy Hits Radio (US), Pop That Goes Crunch (US), WBOM (Rockford, IL), Chasing The Essential (US) and The Power Pop Show! "I'm Not Through" has made Radio Indie Alliance Top 10 in US and UK and Top 40 Overall. "I'm Not Through" was also featured on Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More's "Rocking Road" Compilation (released 7.28.17) and "Save Me From Myself" prominently kicked off Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More's 200th Show on 7.25.17. A podcast showcase of the band was broadcast on Rick's Records Podcast on 8.17.17.

Favorable reviews are in from Power Pop News, Power of Pop, Broken Hearted Toy, and; an in-depth interview of TSH has been featured in the Startip Webzine (Japan).

The band's debut album, "World Gone Mad", was released in 1998, with original guitarist, Brent Seatter, and had several tracks featured on multiple TV shows including, "Party of Five", "Smallville", "Pensacola Wings of Gold" and various MTV programs, including "Undressed", "Road Rules" and "Making the Video: R.E.M." The LP has amassed over 79,000 plays on Spotify.

In total, Thrift Store Halo has been streamed over 175,000 times (total) across all streaming platforms (including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Bandcamp, SoundCloud!