The New Single (2018):


Both tracks on out forthcoming single - “Every Time With You” and “Concrete Sky” – have been added to the following FM/Internet radio stations: KB Radio (Canada); Military Vets Radio (UK); Big Indie Giant (SAF); Premium Blend (UK); Sound Street Radio (Japan/UK); Wolf Rock (Ohio); KOR Radio (UK); Limehead Radio (UK); Merseyland Radio (UK); 365 Radio Network (USA-14 stations); Valley FM (Australia); Radio VGR (United Kingdom); Q108 (Kingston); MDOR (South Carolina); CVFM (United Kingdom); Gashouse (Philly); NVR Radio (NY); Sheppey Radio (UK); and KZUU (MO)!


The "POP ROCKET" EP (2017):

"POP-ROCKET" named ALBUM OF THE WEEK on Radio Dio 89.5 FM in Saint Etienne, France! (Week of November 3, 2017)!! "I'm Not Through"  has been added to a slew of radio stations and programs all over the US and the World: Banks Radio AustraliaAU (Au), VALLEY FM 89.5 (Au), Military Veterans Radio (UK), Radio VGR (UK), EN5 RADIO (UK), Monie's Indie MUSIC Promotions's New Music (UK), EDA (UK), NOVA (UK), OBAN FM (Scotland), New Vision Radio (NY), KZUU (Mo), Q108 (Kingston/CAN), AMI (Fl), It Matters (CA), Sully Mc Fly at 365 Radio Network (15 stations), Belter (UK), Aggie (Tex), FONR (Iowa), Rockers Dive (USA), Wolfman (UK), TABC (Tex), Dandelion (UK), Merseyland (UK), KCC Live (UK), Castledown (UK), Live Wire (UK), KCC (UK), Gashouse (Philly), MDOR (S. Carolina), KIXE (Omaha), WORT (Wis), Radio Wey (UK), and Future (UK)! Woody (Canada), Sheppy (UK), KMNR (Mo), Camglen (UK), KTEP (Texas), Bounce (DC), Lucky Star (Co), WMPG (Me), Full Impact (Ohio), Gabbie Cabbi @Biscuit_Boys (UK), Cuilin (UK), Rock Radio (Ireland), FM4 (Germany), Top Rock (USA), KB Radio (Canada) Music Authority (USA) WITR (NY), Fame (South Africa) ACRN (Fargo)!  

"I'm Not Through" is receiving strong plays on The Biscuit Boys Show on SRB Radio (UK) and is in regular rotation in September, October and November, 2017

"I'm Not Through" off "POP-ROCKET" EP is now in rotation on KOR Radio, Pop that Goes Crunch, and other indie stations!   

"I'm Not Through" featured on The Power Pop Show (8.4.11, 8.11.17, and 8.18.17)! 

"I'm Not Through"  featured on the Chasing the Essential Radio show (featured on Episodes #96 and #97)!  

 "Get Over You""I'm Not Through" and "Stay Away" have been featured on The Music Authority!  

 "Save Me From Myself" featured on Ice Cream Man Power Pop Show  (200th Show) broadcast in several countries!   

 "Let's Not Wait" featured on Ice Cream Man Power Pop Show (8.22.17) broadcast in several countries!  

TSH is now in regular rotation on WBOM (Rockford, IL)  

"Stay Away", "Get Over You", "I'm Not Through", "(Love By) Misadventure", "Save Me From Myself" and "Let's Not Wait" have been featured in regular rotation on "The Secret Weapon" show on!  

TSH was the subject of an hour-long artist spotlight on Rick’s Record Podcast on 8.17.17!  
"(Love By) Misadventure" has also been featured on the “Razor & Die Show” (WLUW, Chicago) on August 5, 2017 and September 1, 2017.  

 "(Love By) Misadventure" is on daily rotation on several 365 Radio affiliates! 

TSH has been featured on the Breakfast Show on SHMU (Aberdeen, Scotland)  

"Get Over You" was featured "Simon's Big New Thursday Thing" on 6 Towns Radio in the UK!   

"I'm Not Through" featured on Ice Cream Man Power Pop Show's Best of 2017 Compilation entitled "Rocking Radio" , which was released digitally on 7.28.17! 

Mike "In Tokyo" Rogers in Japan featured "I'm Not Through" on his “WTF?” (WhatTheFunday), a hugely popular Sunday live show on  InterFM 89.7. The show reaches literally millions  of listeners.