Reviews & Press (2018)

HUGE thanks to Hiroyuki Mori at the Japanese website, Startrip for reviewing "Concrete Sky" and "Every Time With You"

Very Cool of Patrick Donders to invite Frank to take part in a little Question and Answer about Thrift Store Halo on the awesome Sweet Sweet Music blog this week! Click here:&nbsp;<strong></strong>


HUGE Thanks to Dennis Pilon for featuring our brand new single on the awesome Poprock Record on May 4, 2018!

Massive thanks to for the short but sweet review of the new single and for featuring our song "Concrete Sky" 



Huge thanks to Terrence Flamm for mentioning us and our new release in his awesome blog, Broken Hearted Toy's Preview of Thursday's International Pop Overthrow lineup!


Massive thanks to Kevin Matthews of Power of Pop for his review of our new  two-song single!

Check it out here:

Massive thanks to Richard Rossi of Power Pop News for his review of our forthcoming two-song single, "Every Time With You" and "Concrete Sky"!, which will be released 4.20.18!

Reviews, Press and Interviews (2017):

Our new "POP-ROCKET" EP has been reviewed by writer/critic/blogger, Terrence Flamm. Huge thanks to Terry for taking the time to listen and review the EP; featured on his this date.

Kevin Matthews of Power of Pop, says: "And Pop Rocket sure lives up to its name as it punches through the wishy-washy brain-numbingly wall of most new pop and rock music to deliver a crystal clear sound and vision of power, melody, energy and rhythm. Sure, it’s classicist in nature and references to classic rock pervades – Cheap Trick, The Stones et al – but in this age of ham-fisted attempts at connecting with millennial audiences, it’s reassuring to find songs like “Get Over You”, “I’m Not Through” and “Let’s Not Wait”, which never pander and simply aim for the best that Power Pop Rock N Roll can be."

Richard Rossi of POWER POP NEWS reviewed the new "POP-ROCKET" EP and said:  "Catchy tunes that fit well within the classic power pop template used by bands such as Cheap Trick, Fountains of Wayne and early Tom Petty. “I’m Not Through” is first rate guitar pop with it’s shout aloud chorus and memorable melody. It’s easy to like the bouncy “Let’s Not Wait” and “Save Me From Myself” has the catchy chorus and crunchy guitars that place it head and shoulders above the others. While it’s only one of several quite enjoyable songs on Pop Rocket, it’s the standout single for me."

Dennis Pilon at says: "..the new album is a bit leaner, reminding me a bit of IKE in their prime. Stand our tracks: "Get Over You" and "I'm Not Through". 

Hiroyuki Mori of Startip Webzine recently interviewed Frank G. about Thrift Store Halo and the band's new "POP-ROCKET" EP!

Jeremy Morris of Jam Records says: "POP ALERT!!! THRIFT STORE HALO is back with a brand new 6 song EP. Their first power pop release in a really long time. This ILLINOIS trio put the POWER back in pop with nice rough edgy guitars that rock and pop with excitement. The sound will appeal to fans who like their power pop on the lively side. Fans of The Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, John Cougar, The Black Crows, DM3, The Plimsouls should dig it the most. This is top pop !!!THRIFT STORE HALO rocks! "

A heart-felt Thank You to Terry Flamm of "Broken Hearted Toy" for his kind words and for plugging Thrift Store Halo and our return to the stage on August 4th show at Ballydoyle! Hope to see you there!
The Japanese webzine Startrip has featured TSH's Frank Gradishar in its new series entitled "My Firsts" where musicians discuss their firsts...first record purchased, first concert, etc. Check out Frank's firsts below!
An awesome new Power Pop webzine in Japan, Startrip, has interviewed singer/bassist Frank Gradishar about the reformation of Thrift Store Halo! Check it out here:

Thank you to Terrence Flamm for mentioning TSH's reformation and upcoming performance at Ballydoyle Irish Pub on August 4, 2016, in his blog, Broken Hearted Toy: Slumgullion

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