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60 days, 6,900+ Plays!  

WOW! In the 60 days since its release, our new single has been played a combined 6,920+ times on Spotify! In addition, our total monthly listeners on the site increased from 600 on 4/19/18 to over 3,650 on 6/1/18! In all, our songs have been streamed on Spotify over 87,000 times!

45 Days!  

In the 45 days since its release, our new, two-song single has been played over 5,200 times and we've jumped from 600 to over 3,550 monthly listeners on Spotify! In all, our songs have been played over 82,000 times on Spotify!  Massive thanks to all who listen! 


Another Epic Week for TSH In Indie Charts! 

So cool to be charting five times this week! Three entries for new track "Every Time With You", one for new track "Concrete Sky" and one for 2017's "I'm Not Through" off our "POP-ROCKET" EP! This brings our total career chart placements to 262! Massive thanks to the DJs and indie radio stations for the continued support! 



Another EPIC Week of Chart Entries! 

WOW! An amazing week of chart placements for us! New tracks "Concrete Sky" and "Every Time With You" both charting twice and "I'm Not Through" off 2017's "POP-ROCKET" EP returns to the charts! Massive thanks to Radio Candy Indie Show, Radio VGR, KOR Radio, The 'Secret Weapon' Radio Show, Boris Boden and 365 Radio Network!

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Thrift Store Halo live in Bartlett w/ Cliff Johnson and the Raine!

Bannermans, 858 S IL Route 59, Bartlett, Illinois 60103

Thrift Store Halo returns to the stage at Bannermans in Bartlett, Illinois, in support of Cliff Johnson (the voice of the incomparable Power-Pop band, and Atlantic Records recording artist, Off Broadway) & the Raine!! TSH will perform one 90-minute set commencing at 9:30 P.M. on Saturday, September 17th!

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