It's Springtime in Chicago. Vaccines are getting in arms. Trump is a nagging, far too recent memory...The world is on the mend. 

It should follow therefore, that TSH would finally get back to it. But, while songs continue to pile up, and texts and calls are being answered, little of note is happening. There's dust on basses and drums remained zipped in cases.

The quarantines and shutdowns gave life to plenty of new releases, we're sure, but we're not really paying that much attention. It's not apathy. We do care.

Restrictions are easing, but still we're inert. It's not lack of interest or of confidence, per se. Perhaps we're just acutely aware that more important and pressing things are jockeying and vying for our attention. And yours.

If you're reading this...and let's be honest, you're probably not, we're not going anywhere. We're like those work clothes that you haven't had to wear in 13 months. We might not fit like we used to, and we're not sure we're even remotely still in style - if we ever were. But, we're not getting carted off to Goodwill just yet. Because, someday, maybe sooner than later, we're going to decide it's time. 

So, our friends, we will see you again, when more doors are thrown open, hugs can be freely given and the masks go the way of Sansabelt trousers, NBA sneakers by Kinney Shoes and Sizzlean, TSH will still be here, pandering our Chicago-brand style of Power Pop.

Some things never go out of style.